A Note from the Downtown Norfolk Association (DNA)

Chad Barnhill, President of the Downtown Norfolk AssociationacThis is Chad Barnhill writing today, owner of Midwest Music Center and President of the Downtown Norfolk Association. I thought I would write a public note to say THANK YOU to all the business owners in Downtown Norfolk for all their hard work and dedication to our community.

After grabbing my morning hot Chai Tea from the Downtown Coffee Company, I took a quick walk down the street to check out all the businesses and peak in each window as I walked by. It is very easy to see how much hard work each owner has put into their business. And it is also great to see the hard work and excitement of the new businesses to come. In the couple blocks I traveled, there were 4 new businesses working hard on a complete remodel of the store space.

Beautiful Downtown Norfolk, NE

A special thank you to the new business owners for putting their investment into these buildings. I have been working in the downtown for 20 years and have seen great things happening for the Norfolk community in this area. There is just something special about Downtown Norfolk. There is so much history that his been made, and obviously more great things to come.

Beautiful Downtown Norfolk, NE

Another Thank You I would like to send out is to YOU, the shoppers, clients, students, dancers, parishioners, patrons of Downtown Norfolk. With all the hard work of the business owners, it still takes the help of the public to support these businesses and community buildings. Without YOU, we would not be here. Your investment into supporting local, buying local, promoting local is something we GREATLY APPRECIATE as business owners in our community.

If you have a moment, make sure to stop down to Downtown Norfolk and take a stroll, look around, window shop, pick up a gift for friend. I am positive it is worth the trip. Downtown Norfolk.... Fun All Over Again !!!

Posted on: Friday, February 26, 2016
Last modified on: Friday, February 26, 2016

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